Concert Pianist, Musicologist, Educator

Concert pianist, musicologist and educator, Luisa Guembes-Buchanan was born in Lima, Peru, where she received her early musical education at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música.

Ms. Guembes-Buchanan holds degrees in Performance and Musicology from the Manhattan School of Music, C.W. Post College, New York University and Boston University.

In addition to her numerous Master Classes, Ms. Guembes-Buchanan is a founding member of several teaching and performing organizations dedicated to promoting young performer’s education and to facilitating performance opportunities for them. As a musicologist, she has lectured and participated in panel discussions in the United States and Latin America.

Building on technical proficiency and manual dexterity, she has mastered the most difficult examples we have of the piano sonata. She is familiar with the music of every century, and bores into every style, the better to convey its emotional content.